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Walks and Hikes on Paardeplaats Nature Retreat in the Kruger Lowveld

  • Friday, 12 January 2018
  • Linda Chivell

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Walks or hikes in and around Paardeplaats are one of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in the Lowveld beauty, as you breathe the fresh air and drink in the crystal clear views.

Take a guided walk or head out yourself as you gaze at bursts of colour, get some exercise, and return with a clearer head

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Enjoy an entrancing stroll through on one of the seven well-marked circular hiking trails on the Jafrie Walking trail or the more revitalising Cycling Ramble up our flower clad mountains Then you will begin to understand what makes Paardeplaats quite so special. From Gurney sugarbirds sipping from a flower to infinite mountainous vista that leaves you breathless, surprises await you around every corner.

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Lace up your hiking boots for a self-exploring walk or hike along the designated hiking trails to the nearby goldmine (15 minutes) down the river to the top of the waterfall (30 minutes)

The rich chorus of birdsong that surrounds you at Paardeplaats tells you immediately that bird watching here will be extraordinary. Pack a picnic lunch, grab your walking stick, binoculars, bird book and tackle one of the longer routes

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Glimpse rare sightings on special guided walks or simply spot the beauty and colour as you walk around the lodge. Do not be surprised when you encounter some game along the way.

For more information  about Paardeplaats Nature Retreat:

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