6 ways you can travel green

  • Wednesday, 27 February 2019
  • Linda Chivell

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Green travel is fast gaining momentum as travellers are swapping their usual holiday destinations for places that promote green travel. 

Tour guide Duran Proper, owner at Proper Tours, agree with the Director for Incentives & Travel for Green Route Africa, Kerry Roos, that it is not only beneficial on the planet, but also on the overall experience of the trip. He endorses Roos’ suggestions to travel green:

Choose a green destination

If you are one of those travellers who want to make a difference in the world, then start by choosing green accommodation, tour operator or adventure specialist that promote green travel initiatives. Locally, Cape Town has made significant strides to conserve water following the recent drought crisis.

Travellers should look at places that practice Earth-friendly policies and those that have campaigns to promote sustainable travel.  

Many destinations are choosing to go green.The first step is research. Educating yourself can help you make the right decisions.

Book green accommodation: 

Travellers should know about the green policies of a hotel before they book. Some hotels host educational talks to help their guests make the green choice. In other scenarios, the hotel will use signs and brochures to educate the guests. 

South African establishments are taking strides to ensure that they have environmentally friendly policies in place for guests. Among the establishments include Spier Hotel, Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel and Sabi Sabi Lodges. 

Choose green tour agencies: 

Have you ever asked yourself whether a tour was environmentally friendly or if an excursion was ethical or not? Green tour operators are the right people to address concerns and book activities that are environmentally-friendly. 

Use public transport, hire a bike or walk: 

While it may seem tempting to hire a private car to see the sights of a destination, it is not good for the environment. To reduce the carbon emissions use public transport, ride a bike or walk if the places are nearby.

Choose to eat local: 

Immersive experiences are one of the big travel trends for 2019. Many travellers want local interactions- from home visits and home cooked meals. Eating locally made a positive impact on a country. 

Travellers can partake in a visit with the locals or choose to dine at local restaurants that have the farm to table ethos and benefits the community.

Say no to plastic: 

One of the biggest issues in the world is the use of plastic. Green travellers can reduce the use of plastic by being involved in clean-up initiatives and other projects that highlight the effects of plastic.

Since straws and plastic are everywhere, travellers have to find practical ways of dealing with them. If you do find yourself using plastic, keep it with you until you have found a place to dispose of it.


Original article: IOL Travel



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