3 easy ways to keep kids entertained on holiday

If you're a parent, there are few things better than introducing your children to the world beyond your doorstep. The world is beautiful, exciting and awe-inspiring, and travel simply wouldn't be the same without your little ones to share every moment. Yet, for every blissful Pinterest-worthy image of joyful childhood exploration, you also have to deal with a repetitive "Are we there yet?" and small people on a candy-induced sugar high.

3 easy ways kids holida

When you're travelling with children, keeping them properly entertained could be the difference between the happiest of travel memories and a tantrum that you'd rather forget.

Tip 1: Let the bath be your best friend!

There's something that's true no matter where you are in the world - children love water. They love to splash in the sea, jump in puddles and get soaked from head to toe.

You'll want to save money on your family holiday, but there will be times when you'll wonder how to keep your child happy without visiting expensive attractions. The answer? A simple bath.

If you choose accommodation with a bathtub, there are so many ways to keep your child entertained when you want a quiet evening in, or need to cool down after hours under the hot summer sun. Pack a rubber duck, or your child's favourite doll (with a hard body, not a soft stuffed one!), and let the simplest form of entertainment keep your child occupied.

Whether you're trying to find some time in the morning to plan the day's activities, or you're working to calm your little one in time for a sensible bedtime, there's a bath for every occasion. Bathtub games for kids can be fun for all ages. Even an empty yoghurt pot could be a favourite bathtime toy!

Tip 2: Think carefully about your snack choices. 

You'll want a bag full of snacks to stop tiny rumbling tummies, but you should think carefully about what to bring. Fruit tape style snacks are a favorite with children, but if you're out all day in hot weather then they'll become a sticky mess. It'll be like handing your child a pot of jam to scoop up with their fingers. Oops! Crisps, likewise, aren't particularly nice when they're warm.

Unless you're dealing with an allergy, a packet of nuts could be the ideal snack for warm weather day trips. Dry cereal won't melt, either! Alternatively, pack a selection of bottles of water each with small bits of fruit inside - they'll keep your little one occupied, whilst making sure that they stay hydrated. And hard-boiled eggs are also a fantastic snack option - they're packed with protein and healthy nutrients too. Indeed there are plenty of great snacks for the road for kids that don't sacrifice nutrition.

Tip 3: Pack a sturdy pair of shoes

Many parents think that holidays are the perfect time for cute summer sandals, or sparkly party shoes that their children wouldn't necessarily wear frequently at home. Whilst those fun shoes should come on holiday, so should a sturdy pair of trainers or walking boots. You never know when you'll be required to walk long distances - whether you're hiking in the mountains or walking around a theme park - and the right pair of shoes can help a child to stay on their feet all day. Nobody wants to be giving endless piggy-backs on holiday!

Travelling with children can make the best holiday even better, as long as you plan ahead. Don't forget your camera, because you'll want to remember every moment.



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